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"I Speak" Cards

I Speak Cards

To spread the word among Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals about their rights to free interpretation and translation services, Culture Connect, Inc. also uses “I Speak” cards. These are two-sided bilingual cards with printed information about Language Access Rights, as well as a statement that requests an interpreter.

"I Speak" Card example:

Available Languages for "I Speak" Cards (please print as needed):

*Now some with Census 2010 information included!

In the Target Language: In English:
Albanian Albanian
Amharic Amharic
Arabic Arabic
Armenian Armenian
Bengali Bengali
Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian
Burmese Burmese
Chinese Chinese
Farsi Farsi
French French
Gujarati Gujarati
Haitian Creole Haitian Creole
Hindi Hindi
Indonesian Indonesian
Japanese Japanese
Khmer (Cambodian) Khmer (Cambodian)
Korean Korean
Lao Lao
Nepali Nepali
Portuguese Portuguese
Romanian Romanian
Russian Russian
Somali Somali
Spanish Spanish
Tagalog Tagalog
Thai Thai
Tigrinya Tigrinya
Turkish Turkish
Urdu Urdu
Vietnamese Vietnamese

Having trouble opening the "I Speak" Cards? Try downloading Adobe Reader for free.




“'I Speak' Cards are very useful and help a lot of people.  I am blessed to work for you, Culture Connect is such a great organization in our community.  Thank you so much for your kindness and support!”
-- A Mandarin and Cantonese interpreter

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